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Social media takes time, but it takes even more time when you don’t have clear messaging.


It takes time to find an image, edit it, caption it, post it, re-post it, hashtag, and promote it. Then there’s social media engagement: responding to comments, liking other posts, sharing, and re-sharing.


Finding images and generating content every day, every week, or even every month can feel challenging and suffocating, but social media is a crucial aspect of a complete business presence in the 21st century.


Would you rather have 5,000 followers where only 1% (50) engaged with your brand, or have 1,000 followers where 10% (100) engaged with it?


You’d prefer 100 connections over 50, right?


Crafting a message that is specific, unique, and captivating won’t immediately increase your social media followings overnight.


It will, however provide any potential client who happens upon your page to know exactly who you are and what you do. That is the power of focused social media interaction and engagement.

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Impactful Social Media

Beach Bum Poet LLC is not a social media management company. It is not a social media marketing company. It is a business founded on synthesized development for maximum impact, which means understanding the most effective social media channels to use with your BIAP, how to speak to your target audience in bite-sized pieces, and streamline the process so you can spend more time doing what you love.


A simple rule of thumb for social media posts that I use to make my life easier is the One Rule— 1 post per week and one engagement per day on each channel. So, if you’ve got a LinkedIn and an Instagram, that’s 2 posts per week and 1 engagement per day.


So, what’s an engagement? An engagement is anything more than a like. An engagement is a comment, a share, a re-post, or a re-tweet. You will not gain massive amounts of followers through this consult. You will, however, gain another digital asset that is focused, precise, and aligned with your brand.


Savannah Lani Murray

Content Creation and Brand Development

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