Life Coaching with Genevieve Freeman!

Genevieve officially started her life coaching business, Freeman Life Coaching, just shy of 2 years ago, but as many of her friends and family will tell you, she’s been coaching people for decades. She attributes her journey and business to her powerful listening abilities, consistent self-reflection, and unending passion for helping people to grow. Life coaching, after all, is most effective when you practice what you preach.

And Genevieve certainly does. Her expertise ranges from thought and emotion management to goal setting, relationships, problem-solving, and improving self-confidence. What Genevieve loves most about Freeman Life Coaching is seeing her clients get the results they’ve committed themselves to achieving. From overcoming relational challenges with significant others or family members to positively re-framing negative self-talk, or handling the anxiety of 2020, Genevieve continues to help her clients empower themselves.

One of the key models Genevieve follows is called “The Model”, it is central to her coaching style and empowerment strategy for clients. It is comprised of ‘The 5 Elements of How We Manage our Thinking’ which are:

1. Circumstance—an objective circumstance occurs (e.g. an argument)

2. Thoughts—we have subjective thoughts about it (e.g. that person is being cruel)

3. Feeling—we experience a subjective feeling about that thought (e.g. I’m not worth being kind to)

4. Action—this drives an action (aka reaction) (e.g. distancing from the person)

5. Result—which creates a result for us (e.g. strained relationship)

Genevieve works with clients at any element to help them examine

how they might empower themselves to change their thoughts, experience a new feeling, choose a new action, and see a different result! This powerful shifting of mind-set allows us to step back from the immediate reaction and create change.

She’s helped clients work through the New Normal of Covid: navigating extended amounts of time with significant others, shifting career choices, anxiety and fear, and more. It’s deeply important to Genevieve to meet clients where they are at and help them get to where they want to go. She loves working with clients locally and nationally, and is grateful that she offers such a needed service during this tumultuous year.

Whatever your goals are, Freeman Life Coaching helps to nurture your growth through supportive, caring, and judgement-free coaching, wherever your journey may take you.

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