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Updated: May 19, 2020

My deep passion for writing has lead me into website design and virtual content writing. I love to tell stories and I believe there is always a story to tell, no matter who you are or where you come from. There is a reason each of us pursues what we pursue, whether it’s carpentry, art, real estate, cooking, dancing, or lawn care. Because I believe every business owner has a story worth telling, I aim to tell as many of those stories as I possibly can through Beach Bum Poet LLC. Many companies out there see web design as a simple math equation: number of pages + number of words + photos equals an incredibly high price tag.

That’s not how I see websites.

I see websites as my opportunity to help people express the heart of their passions virtually, on a platform that has the potential to reach hundreds if not thousands of people around the world. A general understanding of the power of the internet is quite common these days. People know that websites are helpful and that they can drive traffic and increase sales. It’s relatively common knowledge that websites can also book appointments for you, help you to understand your audience, connect you to a larger community, and provide interest and value to your target market.

But what I find most exciting about web design combined with unique content writing is its ability to tell your customers so much more than you might ever be able to otherwise.

Say you’re a local bar owner who prides themselves on craft cocktails. You know where every syrup comes from, you have a special vendor designated for all your herbs, you only chose specific liquors based on their taste profiles for every drink, etc. How many guests could you tell that story to in any given day? Or, maybe you started a landscaping business because you have a passion for local plants and animals and an abiding love for environmentally sustainable aquaponics systems, but don’t get nearly as many chances to tell your customers about this service as you would like?

Whatever industry you’re in, there’s something that has pushed you to start a business, something that makes it special to you and all your own. That is what I aim to capture. Just as a photographer captures the essence of a landscape, I capture the essence of each business through my words, words which we work together to find.

Some clients are turned off by the idea of typing out answers to interview questions, so I offer two methods of inquiry. The first is a standard interview style sheet. I chat with you in our 30-minute consultation, get a sense of your business, and construct a series of questions that you answer, sending them back to me at your leisure while I get started on the website design itself, formatting photos, placing logos, and creating the specific pages you want (About Us, Contact Page, Home Page, etc.). Or, we start an ongoing dialogue, and with your permission I record our conversations on my phone, to listen back to and write every word of content that will go into your website from.

How many times have you wished you could say more about who you are and why you do what you do to your customers but just don’t have the time or energy to do so besides the daily/ weekly/ monthly requirements that being a business owner entails? You may not believe you have a story to tell, but I certainly know you do, because each of us does.

Individualized content stands out in the sea of clickbait content and filler words that are flooding today’s internet.

There’s an endless stream of content clouding the virtual atmosphere. Customized content is like rays of sunlight through all that cloudy clutter. I believe that a website shines most when it captures the story of the business it represents. General content is to web design as gift cards are to presents—it’s alright, it’s helpful, but it’s often lost and forgotten about. Unique content brings the reader in, captures their hearts, minds, and sentiments just as a thoughtful and heartfelt present captures the heart of the recipient.

Many website designers don’t write content. They can’t be bothered to interview you, ask you questions and find out more about who you are and what you believe in. Many SEO service providers don’t write authentic content because they are so focused on optimization that they don’t want to worry about style, tone of voice, creativity, and expression. I understand the mechanics of optimized content writing, combining my Search Engine Optimization skill set with my lasting love of writing and my fervor for web design.

If you head over to my lifestyle blog, you can view the website of one of my client’s, Riana Espino. Every part of this project was a joy. Her original website had only 300 words of content, no booking page, and only a handful of her products. Working with her, we learned the specific aesthetic of her site, and I wrote over 700 words of content for her from a handful of interview questions she answered in less than an hour. And, from her answers I generated my Feature Friday post, too. For me, you are not a bottom line, you are a fellow creator and entrepreneur pursuing your passion, no matter the difficulties or obstacles. You love what you do and you’re proud of who you are.

Content that is exclusive to you, your team, and your brand will make your business stand out. I believe this with my whole heart. Regardless of whether you want a website so existing customers can learn more about you, you’re a photographer looking to streamline your booking process, or you’re looking to increase virtual traffic with my Search Engine Optimization services, a website that is uniquely yours and remarkably different from everything else out there is what I provide, time and time again.

Beach Bum Poet LLC is about combining heartfelt passion with professional website design with authentic local spirit. I combine the functionality and ease of a virtual service provider with the closeness and sincerity of a small business. Start off the New Year with a new website that shares your story for the entire world to learn about.

Happy Holidays from Beach Bum Poet LLC, I can’t wait for us to write your story together.

P.S. Take a look at Riana's customized website.

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