How does a “Beach Bum” Start a Business?

When you think of the phrase “Beach Bum” you don’t necessarily think: content writing, web design, writing, and content creation.

You think of a Beach “Bum” defined as: NOUN: a person that spends his or her time loafing about on the beach (

You don’t think of a business professional, right? And I knew that when I started my business. I knew that Beach Bum Poet LLC didn’t necessarily invoke the qualities which are foundational to my business: professionalism, organization, creativity, community, and caring.

Beach Bums are not thought of as people who help the community. They are not considered business professionals who show up on time to meetings. And that’s why I chose Beach Bum Poet LLC.

Because, really, don’t we all secretly want to be Beach Bums? Just a little bit?

I chose Beach Bum Poet LLC not because I want to loaf around on the beach and be lazy. I chose this business name because I want to work so hard for your business that you get to be a Beach Bum yourself. I want to find such innovative ways to develop your branding, content, and marketing strategies that you’ll have the peace of mind to take that vacation you haven’t been able to take.

Owning your own business is difficult. It requires effort and tenacity. It requires patience and determination. Arguably all the qualities that a Beach Bum does not represent. But owning your own business also means you value your freedom. It means you have a vision and a passion that cannot be stopped.

It means you are committed to the pursuit of your life on your terms.

And to me, that’s who a Beach Bum is. A Beach Bum wants to radically shift their world towards something fantastic and exciting, to preserve their wonder and awe of the world. We don’t want to be stuck inside forever—we want freedom and flexibility!

When you choose Beach Bum Poet LLC, you’re choosing a company dedicated to getting you exactly where you want to be. A Beach Bum understands there is more to life than the daily grind, and pursues that. The goal of my strategies and services is to enable you to pursue what you are passionate about while still growing your business successfully.

Beach Bum Poet LLC was founded with three core goals in mind:

1. Offer uniquely local services at affordable rates.

2. Discover creative strategies for sustaining growth.

3. Help business owners grow and thrive.

I started Beach Bum Poet LLC because I believe there is more out there for us. Owning your own business doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Work-life balance is more important than ever!

Think about what you want for your life: is it sipping Mai Tais on the beach? spending more time with your family? Growing your business? Sharing your passion?

Let Beach Bum Poet LLC help you discover and fulfill your dreams.

Because that’s what being a Beach Bum is really all about.

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