Feature Fridays with Michael R. Schubert

This month’s featured speaker will be Michael R Schubert! He’ll be sharing his 10-minute feature presentation with us on Friday, October 30th.

Michael is an incredible designer who was born and raised in Hawaii. He studied architecture in Germany, worked in New York for over 10 years, and returned back to Oahu in 2015. He started his own business in 2010.

Michael’s business, Michael R Schubert Architectural Designs LLC, is your one-stop shop for interior design, renovations, 3-D modeling, building additions, and new homes. He works solely with residential clients.

What is so amazing about Michael is his ability to wear so many hats. He is the designer and the draftsmen; he understands the building process and connects you with the right people you need to know (electricians, plumbers, tilers, dry-wallers, and more).

Michael R Schubert is the concierge of architecture in Hawaii, guiding you through every step of the design, build, and finalizing processes.

Although BNI is a global organization, each of our members understands the importance of supporting, buying, and being local. I asked Michael what it means to him to be a local business owner and he told me,

“That’s easy. Being a local architectural designer means keeping people connected to the natural air, the natural planet, and the natural beauty of where we live.”

How lovely is that?

Michael strongly believes in Wellness-Oriented-Design—discovering simple tweaks, additions, and renovations we can make to our homes that improves our health and wellbeing.

In a consult with Michael, he might find out:

How to add more natural air to your house ; how to let in more light to spaces, and more!

For Michael, a house is a box with a door and windows, but a home is so much more. He helps you discover and realize that vision of your perfect home, instead of just a house.

Michael is an incredibly talented designer and 3-D design creator who helps homeowners connect their homes to the aloha spirit and beauty of our natural landscape.

His ideal referral is someone looking to design, renovate, or improve their home. His ideal referral partners are house cleaners, handymen, and realtors.

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