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Anyone in SEO content writing worth their salt knows that content rules the internet. The most authoritative, well-crafted, and highly relevant content on the internet shows up in the search engines before anything else. While there is much more to SEO, the foundation upon which quality SEO must operate is well-written content.


There are a variety of styles of writing out there available for businesses. There are long-form essay style pieces related to a brand’s identity, brand mission statements, about pages, service pages for service-related industries, blog posts, and article writing styles. Each style speaks to a different genre of writing, and requires an understanding of the unique style and format. Luckily, I possess experience writing in a variety of styles and for different audiences.

My Freelance Writing Skills

Freelance writing has taught me to adapt my style to whomever I’m writing for. If I’m writing for a blog, I use the first-person, with lots of colloquial phrases and addresses to the reader, like you’re reading right now. Business writing and more technical brands often require third-person style writing, while “About Me” pages are meant to be more personal and unique to who they are about. Thanks to my degree in English, my minor in Communicology, my extensive experience generating content for businesses, my personal blog, and my internship with Honolulu Magazine, I have an array of content writing skills and abilities that will work for any brand or company.

Optimized and Compelling Content

Writing captivating content to draw in readers is a sign of the best copywriting, but I wouldn’t be a provider of SEO content services if I didn’t offer content that also draws in the search engines. The difficulty is in finding content writers who are also knowledgeable about crafting SEO content and creating essays, blog posts, and articles that are interesting to readers. Because I offer a start to finish (along with ongoing SEO) services, I have made sure that my skills in the arenas of writing, editing, and SEO are of the ultimate quality.

Please watch the short video below to learn about my optimized content writing process.

This video is about my favorite part of web design-content writing-and the process I go through to develop and write unique content tailored to specific businesses.

The Three Most Important Components of Great Copy

What is the single most compelling aspect of writing for any reader? In today’s virtual world, there are literally billions of articles and blog posts about similar or even identical topics. How do you draw in readers and search engines?

1. Story-Telling

2. Research

3. Value-Driven

Writing Your Story

The best copy, regardless of whether you’re a restaurant or retail service, technology or painting company, is copy that tells stories. Telling your reader a story, whether it’s about how you began your business, who inspired you, your background, or the unique qualities of your product or service, is critical for driving traffic to your site and keeping customers involved in your business. Having a meaningful message to stand behind your brand adds incredible amounts of legitimacy and closeness to your content. That’s yet another reason why I offer free consultations, because I want to help you find your unique message.


Finding a story that drives your business helps me to understand how best to create the ideal web content for your website, and what type of copy to write. Maybe the emphasis is on your business being family-oriented? Then I would focus on drawing out the special qualities of your family that truly bring your business to life. Or, there’s a powerful message of environmentalism you want to come through? I offer online writing that will not only affirm your brand, but provide excellent research to complement your message, which brings me to the second most important component of content writing.

Due Diligence Research

Research was one of my favorite processes when I was at UH, and it’s still one of my favorite tasks. You’ll never have to concern yourself with plagiarized work, because I perform additional research in specific areas pertinent to your business to drive your message and write entirely original content based on interviews and research. Broad claims about quality and skill are not nearly as meaningful as empirical evidence for imbuing confidence and sincerity into virtual content. Many people know about writing copy for websites, but far less know about creating personalized content that speaks to the personalities and qualities of business owners and individuals. During my internship at Honolulu Magazine, I was able to conduct several interviews via phone, email, and in-person, to hone these skills. As a blogger, I have written several posts created from email questionnaires sent to business owners whose products and services I believe in.


That’s why I aim to take a journalistic approach with my content writing, which extends into my editing skills as well. I’m passionate about writing, but I’m passionate about editing, as well. Creating elegant and clean copy that reads fluidly and beautifully is my top priority. It’s so easy to make careless errors with writing, such as a missed letter or an unnecessary comma. Many times, proofreaders are required to check the content, adding extra expenses and time to the process. This is not the case with Beach Bum Poet LLC, however, as I provide both services in combination. Because really, what worth does content have if it’s not written and edited professionally? This brings us to the final component of great copy—value.

Value-Driven Content

The final component of skillful and effective content writing services is to provide measurable value. We can now track how long customers stay on pages, how often they are returning, and a variety of other metrics to discern the value that well-written content brings to a website. The greatest metric, of course, is purchases, which are closely related to the increased traffic to your site. That’s why expert content is so powerful: it drives the search engines and engages customers. You could be spending thousands of dollars to drive traffic to your website, but if the website’s content isn’t top-notch, then those potential customers are still lost. Traffic to your site isn’t profitable if customers leave right away because of a poorly designed website, or because the content disinterests them. Every great website needs a knowledgeable website copywriter who can write subject matter that draws in search engines and keeps people involved enough to invest in the business.

Endless Enthusiasm

Well-written, high value, and researched content are critical to a profitable website. “Content is King” as they say (or “Queen” as I like to say), and it’s arguably the single most crucial aspect of a successful website for any business. That’s why I believe you won’t find a more committed, enthusiastic, and versatile content writer for your business’s website than myself.


I started Beach Bum Poet LLC exactly because I’m so passionate about what I do, and I want to help the people I work for to succeed. Scroll through the gallery to see titles of articles I've written, head to my blog,, or contact me below to sign up for your free consultation so we can start writing your story today.

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