Content Creation Journey

Beach Bum Poet LLC helps busy business owners clarify, synthesize, and promote their business story for maximum audience engagement and powerful client connections. Work with Beach Bum Poet LLC to create clear, effective, and engaging content to make your business stand out and make your story matter.

My 3-Step Process:

1. We Discover and Craft your Story.

2. We  develop your Master Messaging Action Plan.

3. You GROW your Business and Maximize your Marketing.

The Best Stories

The best stories describe a journey—towards growth, friendship, love, fulfillment, or success.


Just as the best stories take us on a journey, the best content will too. Whether it’s a few sentences or a few pages, your content must take a client somewhere they want to be!

One of the biggest obstacles anyone trying to write experiences is what I call “Blank Page Syndrome”.


You won't struggle with "Blank Page Syndrome" anymore after working with Beach Bum Poet LLC!


We already know where we start, where we go, and where we end.

Now it’s time for your clients and customers to know.

Try it out!


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Work Desk

Connect to

Your Audience

When we face a blank page, we feel compelled to fill it with too much or too little.


With too much, the reader eventually gets bored and loses interest. Too little, and they don’t see any effort.


By mapping out your journey, we uncover your client’s journey, and then we know how to bring them together.

And that journey? That understanding of why your business is special and why they need to know it?


That is what connects to your audience.