Brand Development Strategies

Your Story is Your Brand

Brand development, in the broadest sense, is cultivating your business image. How are you perceived, what are your values, who you are and what you do, are all aspects of your brand.


It’s no wonder, then, that Beach Bum Poet LLC offers brand development—your story is your brand in many ways—because when you have a crystal clear, understandable story that very easily translates into a clear, understandable, and marketable brand.

Branding, like content creation offers clients a journey.


Your business exists because you have a purpose. Your brand exists because it showcases the personality and identity of your business.

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Align Your Brand through Your Story

With our Master Messaging Action Plan, we find out how to grow, shape, and portray your brand to the correct audiences, through the proper marketing channels, and in the most effective formats.


You wouldn’t expect a photography business to inundate you with text. Their images speak for themselves, after all.


If you went to a financial planner’s website and all it had was photos, however, wouldn’t you be confused?


The same goes for the journey we expect from different types of brands; The growth and evolution of a brand depends on the methods used to share it.


Constructive branding, like social media, can’t be contained by a one-size-fits-all strategy. I find out your why, your journey, and your story to craft a highly engaging and memorable brand.