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Who Am I?

My name is Savannah Lani Murray, founder of Beach Bum Poet LLC, a website design company that specializes in search engine optimization (commonly known as SEO) services and consultation and content writing and editing. Creative web design is my passion, and I’ve had a lifelong love affair with writing, so I decided to combine the two into my own custom website design, SEO, and content writing services business.


I have always loved creating, designing, and collaborating. My background in creative writing, poetry, communications, and an English degree from the University of Hawaii with a minor in Communicology culminated into starting my own business.

Why Beach Bum Poet LLC?

While some web development agencies might have fancy, strategic names with Greek letters, tech terms, and the like, I chose Beach Bum Poet LLC because it represents who I am. I’m not a “bum” in the stereotypical sense of the word. I believe being a Beach Bum is about being a creative individual who embraces the beauty of the natural world.


To me, being a Beach Bum is about living out your dreams on your terms, creating a life for yourself that is everything you desire it to be. I debated choosing a more “professional” sounding name for my business, but while I am a professional in my industry, I also believe in having a creative streak, in the spirit of the environment, nature, and collaborative creativity.


Thanks to my background in surfing and poetry, I have a deep passion for personal expression combined with dynamic and interesting content. Beach Bum Poet captures the essence of who I am as a creative entrepreneur, and how I aim to conduct my business: imaginatively, creatively, and with an abiding sense of freedom and making dreams into realities.

I also love to surf, and have always felt most at home in the ocean. The beach represents the site of my self-expression and creative inspiration. I am obsessed with the color palette of Oahu's lush landscape and gorgeous oceans, with a deep passion for environmental protection and stewardship. 


For these reasons, I want to work with small businesses who understand the preciousness and wonder of the natural world, who strive to present that reality to their customers in whatever form they so chose, whether it's service industries such as landscaping and painting to enrich the lives of homeowners, designers and artists inspired by nature, or any other business who embraces the dynamism and ingenuity of what it means to be a Beach Bum Poet: adaptive, enthusiastic, inspired, and passionate. Head over to my surfing and lifestyle blog to learn more about my personal endeavors and passions as an individual. 

How Did an English Major End Up in Web Design?

During my time at the University of Hawaii, I interned at Honolulu Magazine, one the premier magazines in Hawaii, with a multitude of publications. I found out one of the largest sectors of the business, which was set to the most rapidly, was their online publication service. This struck a chord with me: how would I, a writer by trade, adapt to the changing economic environment? So, I focused on building my skills for the online writing world, starting my own blog to learn the basic principles of creating engaging content, learning website development, and taking the necessary time and energy to learn Search Engine Optimization.

An English Degree and Content Writing for the Web

My English degree has taught me the importance of clarity, decisiveness, and how to construct messages that engage and compel readers. A minor in Communicology taught me about message processing, influence, communication strategies, and the fascinating science behind how humans communicate in groups, interpersonally, on or offline, and much more.

Scroll below to see how I connect with the ocean and my home, using it as inspiration and fuel for my spirit. If you want to learn more about me or ask me any questions, please fill out the contact form below, or ask me a question in the chat box!

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