About Savannah Lani Murray

Why Beach Bum Poet LLC?

If it can be written, Savannah will write it. She named her business Beach Bum Poet LLC because, she knows no greater joy or inspiration than time spent in the ocean.


That freedom of expression and creative spirit is what Savannah brings to every client story.


The Poet? Savannah believes everything is a kind of poetry—our languages, businesses, stories, and lives.


The process of poetry is the process of exploring language that creates magic; this is the process of Beach Bum Poet LLC.

That’s why Beach Bum Poet LLC offers comprehensive business branding development, from mission statements to tag-lines, social media content to video scripts, team member bios, website content, newsletters, email blasts, and anything else you can think of.



(Condensed) Story

Savannah Lani Murray was born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii.


Throughout her life, writing was always a powerful avenue through which she expressed herself.


Upon graduating from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2019, she decided to start her own content creation and brand development business—Beach Bum Poet LLC—dedicated to discovering, growing, and empowering businesses’ brands through story-telling.


“When I learn about a business, the first thing I want to know is why. Why did you choose this industry, why do you love helping clients…why are you so passionate about this product or service? That’s what really sells.”


Savannah started Beach Bum Poet LLC in 2019, but she has been writing and story-telling most of her life. She realized she could positively impact the world around her by telling the beautiful, inspiring, heroic, and captivating stories of those around her.


Because, after all, each of has a story worth telling. It’s just a matter of knowing how to write and share it.

To read more of her story, head to the blog that started a business, BeachBumPoet.