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Full-Service Business Development

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Beach Bum Poet LLC helps busy business owners clarify, synthesize, and promote their business story for maximum audience engagement and powerful client connections. Work with Beach Bum Poet LLC to create clear, effective, and engaging content to make your business stand out and make your story matter.

My 3-Step Process:

1. We Discover and Craft your Story.

2. We  develop your Master Messaging Action Plan.

3. You GROW your Business and Maximize your Marketing.

Your "Why" Makes Clients Buy.

In a word full of distractions, sensory overload, and endless data...what will set you apart is the story you tell.


Your audience wants to know one thing and one thing only-how will your business, service, product, or brand change their lives?


You know the answers, but does your audience?

Let's tell them.

"We are all storytellers. We live in a network of stories. There isn't a stronger connection between people than storytelling."

- Jimmy Neil Smith

Try it out!


Download your own Mini Master Messaging Action Plan Guide by clicking on the icon.

Sandy Beach

"Savannah Murray at Beach Bum Poet LLC has been an active volunteer mentor and marketing support to Surfrider Spirit Sessions. Her work is creative, inspiring and timely for our non-profits need to fundraise and reach out to the community. I highly recommend this talented firm."

- Connie, Executive Director for Surfrider

Spirit Sessions


Be Seen. Be Confident.

Make your Story Matter.

Don't get lost in the sea of competition.


Develop a plan for success with Beach Bum Poet LLC.


You might not even realize how unique and powerful your story is, but I do.

Stand Out. Share Your Story.

Make it Matter.

Let Beach Bum Poet LLC show you how in 3 simple steps:

1. We Discover and Craft your Story.

2. We  develop your Master Messaging Action Plan.

3. You GROW your Business and Maximize your Marketing.