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Why a Website?

Not having a website for your business, regardless of the industry you are in, is comparable to not having an LLC license in the 21st century. The top industry leaders possess websites that are designed to maximize revenue, engage customers, and most importantly, present a beautiful and visually appealing platform through which to build their brands.


Website development and optimization can make or break a business. Having optimized web page designs can improve profit margins dramatically, while having well-written and authoritative content that draws in readers, as well as the search engines, is the new aim for small businesses.

Success on Google

These days, the difference between success or failure can be the difference between being on page one or page two of Google. A tiny fraction of customers go to page two, and an even tinier portion of those customers will engage with any websites they find there.

Unfortunately, this means that the old metrics for a business’s success: consistency, high-quality work, and customer service, have become relatively less influential on how well a company will perform. After all, if no one is using your services or buying your products because they can’t find them, they can never know how incredible of an opportunity they are missing out on.


Watch my the short video below to get a sense of just how great of a difference in revenue a well-optimized website can make for any business, regardless of niche or location. 

In this video I introduce you to my web design and SEO company, Beach Bum Poet LLC, and teach you about the real value that SEO can bring to your company.
In this video I show you some of the website auditing tools I use during free consultations to assess website strength, ranking, and quality.
These are some of the top-ranked research tools I use for all of my SEO services.

Custom Website Designer

I design websites on multiple platforms, offer consultation services to businesses or individuals who already possess websites, and customized web design solutions based on your business’s unique image, brand, and values.

Website Designing

So, if you’re looking for a website designer, web consultant, or custom web designer, look no further, because I offer all three services and even more at Beach Bum Poet LLC. I offer complete build-outs on a variety of platforms including Weebly, Wix, WordPress, and several others, or I can tailor my designs to a hosting site of your preference. I’ll create a website for you that will stand out, and that you’ll be absolutely thrilled to show to your customers, friends, employees, co-workers, and family.


My attention to detail and diligence with aesthetic means I won’t stop designing your website until it is exactly what you want it to be. And, thanks to my advanced training in SEO content and optimization, you can rest assured knowing the site will be representing your company effectively and effortlessly to numerous potential customers.

Website Consultant

If your pre-existing website isn’t functioning how you wanted it, I’ll help you chose the best, most cost-effective ways to improve your site. I also offer consultations with employees and staff members, so your entire team can gain incredibly valuable knowledge and insights into the workings of web design and search engine optimization methodologies.


Defining the weaknesses and pain points of any task, product, service, or company is crucial to remedying them, so I offer recurring auditing services. As any business owner knows, there are always new obstacles arising, so staying on top of them is critical for maintaining growth.

Customized Designs

I believe in websites that are highly customized to your audience, market, niche, values, and brand, so I work diligently with you to collaborate on a site that meets your needs. Unlike larger companies, who are only looking to get the site done and move on, I want to create a site that you will treasure and take pride in. Unlike some other website development companies, my goal is not to get as much money from you as possible.


My goal is to create something special, something that stands out in the virtual sea of bad layouts, 404 errors, and thieving bots. The internet is an incredible realm full of creativity and offering limitless opportunities; I imagine we are building your personal landmark in the form of an online website layout, in the virtual world, a professional website that represents everything your business is, aspires to be, and believes in.

Check out the next video below to learn about how I optimize websites using SEO tools and how content factors into optimization.

In this video I show the power that influential content can have on a websites ranking and I explain it's importance in SEO.

Getting Your Business Found on Google

Optimized Content

Back in the early 2000s, Google focused purely on keywords. If you wanted to rank for lawn-mowing, for example, you could flood your content with the word lawn-mowing and rank relatively quickly for that service keyword. But, if everyone just filled their content with keywords, AKA keyword stuffing, then how to discern what was credible versus what was simply crafty keyword usage?


Google has gotten significantly more advanced in the last ten years, and so too must freelance writers. It’s no longer simply a numbers game, it’s about creating high-quality, well-researched, and engaging content, with a dynamic use of multiple keywords as well as their synonyms, semantically related phrases and words, and having cohesive narratives. Simply put, a professional copywriter or website copywriter must now combine the fluency of the internet’s language with an adeptness and control of the English language to simultaneously draw attention from readers and search engines, which is why I possess the optimal combination of skills to address the optimization and clarity needs for a modern website’s content.

I use some of the most sophisticated and industry-leading research tools available, each of which costs anywhere from $100-$200 a month to use, for my SEO and website design services.

A Variety of SEO Factors to Consider

Simply put, SEO services get you found on Google. That’s it! They are the practical steps people can take to get their site ranking on the first page of Google when a particular set of keywords is input into the search bar. Google’s algorithm focuses on relevance, so it will rank websites based on how relevant and connected the content it finds them. Content is the single most crucial aspect of optimization in my experience, but there are a multitude of other factors that can significantly influence a site’s ranking and value.

A Brief Explanation of Key SEO Terms

To give you a sense of some of these terms, I’ll explain them in brief to give you specific examples of what actionable steps I take in optimizing your business’s website and increasing the ranking of your company. You can also head over to my blog to read posts I've written about SEO, content writing, ranking strategies, and more. 

What are Backlinks?

If you’ve never heard of a backlink, don’t get too worried about it. Backlinks are simply links to your site from other sites. For example, Site A has a clickable link on the homepage to Site B, and Site B has a clickable link to Site A. Google sees these two links and counts them each as one “vote” for the other website.

Backlink Values

The best backlink sources will have high-quality content, low spam scores, and generally greater authority than other sites (according to Google). The best backlinks also depend on topical relevance. So, if you’re a plumbing company, a backlink from a home contracting website is great, but a backlink from another plumbing company is even better.


Luckily, your local competitors almost always aren’t conducting nearly as much research into their business’s backlinks, so outranking them takes some know-how and work, but is completely possible.

"Local" versus "Organic" Rankings

A local listing is tied into the geographical relevance of a search. So, if someone searches for “industry + near me” Google will show up the local listing based on their relevance and their geographical locations. That’s why local marketing strategies can be so effective, because there is a high relevance of the business to the search terms.


Organic search rankings, on the other hand, are search results without a geographical location. That’s why if you search “industry + near me” or “industry + services” the listings may display differently. Sometimes they will be quite similar, other times they will be vastly different, depending on the range of terms and the niche you’re searching for.

Google My Business

Now we understand the difference between organic and local, we can discuss Google My Business listings, which are the Google-Maps connected search results. I offer this service because customers absolutely love to see your business in the number one or number two spot of the map-pack. It lends credibility because customers can see it has a physical location and that it’s been indexed by Google.


Improving or obtaining a google business listing is only half the battle. The next step is to make that listing as incredibly in-depth, explanatory, and interesting as possible, all of which I do for you. I make sure your phone number(s) and information stay up-to-date, and offer call tracking services to see how much traffic you’re getting from your website.

Google Ad Campaigns

Have you paid for a Google Ad Campaign and seen very few results? Have you heard of a Google Adwords campaign? These are the results that show up at the top of searches with the little box around the word “ad” that indicate a business has paid to have their site show up there.


Yet what is the point of spending all that extra money driving clicks to your website if your website itself isn’t converting visitors into customers? You’re just throwing away money. Google Ad Campaigns are most effective when combined with well-researched keyword analysis, and an outstanding site that “closes” the deal with customers.


Imagine how effective a campaign you could run with a properly written Adwords Campaign, combined with unique and professional copyedited content, and a stellar custom website.


Another SEO term to know is “citation”, which describes mentions of your brand name anywhere in the internet, also known as your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number). Maintaining consistent citations is very important and often overlooked by businesses. For example, let’s say your business is mentioned in Yelp as “The Best Store” with address 123 Street, and phone number 808-555-5555, but in the online Yellow Pages directory it’s listed as “The best store with address 123 Road, and phone number 808-555-6666? The search engines don’t like that at all. So, one service I offer is citation assessment using tools designed to eliminate “bad” citations that could damage credibility.


This service is more applicable for businesses which already possess a website that may not be ranking as desirably.

Why Chose Beach Bum Poet LLC?

There are many SEO companies and content writers out there. There are lots of website designers as well, working in large companies and tasked with building websites for many different organizations and companies. They are not aiming to help guide you to grow your small business as I am. I want to help you learn about what the strengths of your business are, and how we can emphasize them in your content, displaying the talent and professionalism of your business through content that is remarkably memorable and distinct.


Many optimization services focus on only one category of SEO. They often focus on just backlinks, without analyzing how your content is influencing ranking, charging you large amounts of money each month to perform services that aren’t helping your business grow. Many of these companies don’t consider the specifics of your company, your industry, and your story. I do, and that’s because I know what makes a business truly stand out is the story component. Increasing value through well-written content, decisive and specific SEO strategies, and great web design are all available through me, unlike with other companies where you’ll have to get content from one company, SEO services from another, and have a website designed by someone else, each of whom will charge you more for less.


I believe in supporting local businesses because they are so wonderfully integral to our societies. Large corporations have entire teams of staff working on every single aspect of their virtual presence, which is incredibly expensive and unattainable for many business owners. Affordable, customized website designs should be available to every business owner, because local businesses already face so many challenges. By choosing Beach Bum Poet LLC, you can rest assured knowing that you're getting a website for your business won’t ever be an extra headache, but an amazing opportunity to expand your business and keep doing what you love.  

Discovering Your Website Needs

Understanding what the specific needs of your niche is critical to designing the perfect website for your business. I have experience building portfolio websites, image-focused websites specific to artistic portfolios, home service industry websites, and e-commerce sites. I understand how to discover and address your needs for your business. Are you looking to offer booking and payment options on your website, or interactive videos? Featured posts or blogs? Shopping based on categories?


I’ll work with you to understand what your customers and clients are looking for in a virtual interface, and then bring it to life for you with content that highlights your products and team. 

Take the Next Step

Ready to have an incredible website for your business that ranks, brings in customers, and looks as beautiful as you’ve been envisioning, while complimenting your brand’s image, quality, values, and aesthetic? Then send me a message using my contact form below, or use the handy chat box in the right-hand corner of the screen if you have questions.


Let’s start building your dream.


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